Email marketing is a hot right now. But why? Do people reallllly like opening emails from you? You might want to say no, but you’d be wrong.

Alright, alright, before you sign off this post and tell me I’m just being annoying, let me tell you this, email marketing can be a major game changer in your business. Just consider this…

What email marketing can do for your business. 

#1: Keep you in regular contact with your existing customers or clients.

#2: Allow you the opportunity to upsell your previous buyers.

#3: Tell your customers or clients about new offers or sales.

#4: Put your customers or clients into a rockin’ sales funnel.

#5: Be an example of your brand identity.

#6: Indoctrinate your new customers into your business.

#7: Educate your customers or clients about your products or services.

#8: Answer any ongoing questions or concerns your customers or clients have.


That’s kind of a lot of things, isn’t it? So, by now, I don’t seem so annoying do I? By now, you’re wondering, huh? But HOW can I use my emails to actually do all these things?  Well, now that I have you on the hook, let me go ahead and answer that question for you.

When you are just starting out with your email marketing, there are really just three primary emails that you need to implement into your strategy. What are they? I’m so glad you asked.

The 3 Emails You Should Put Into Your Marketing Strategy

#1: The Welcome Email.

The purpose? To build excitement with new customers or clients.

Duh. This one is pretty obvious. When people sign up for your email list, they will expect that you send them a welcome email. You can do a lot of different things with your welcome email in order to make it effective for your market, like….

-Offer a free video

-Give them your welcome mat offer

-Provide them with a packet of information

You want people to feel like they are getting valuable information just by signing up for your email. They should feel like they are getting things other people aren’t. They should feel special and valued. They should feel like it was worth the time and energy they spent signing up.

#2: The Indoctrination Email. 

The purpose? To build trust in your buyers.

You need to be using your email to build your brand identity. Insert The Indoctrination Email.

People are often signing up for your email list because they are interested in learning more about your Company or You. You need to make sure that you are using your emails to tell them more about you, your ideals, the roots of your company, the ongoing features of your company and the purpose of your business or service. There are different ways that you can do this, like:

-Creating a video series about your business. Send out one video in each email. You’d be surprised, but people are way more apt to watch a video than they are to read your email.

-Create a short email series that takes your client through the ins and outs of your business.

-Share important links in your email that direct people to already existing information you have, blog posts that feature your brand identity or articles on other sites that feature you.

The more than you are able to show your personality and philosophies on your email, the more people will grow to trust you as a business owner.


#3: The Sales Email. 

The purpose? To make you more money.

How doesn’t want to make more money, right? After you build enough trust with your email readers, you have the opportunity to use your email as a direct line for selling to your customers. Because your clients have grown to know and love you, they’re going to be more excited to buy from you in the future. You can use your email list to,


-offer a special sale or clearance ONLY for existing customers or clients

-notify customers or clients about an upcoming sale

-share a new service or product with your customers or clients


Eventually, your email list will transform itself into a selling machine, bringing in more money than you could have imagined.

Setting up an email series can be a little overwhelming at first, but I want to encourage you to stick with it, to be bold and to DO IT! You won’t regret the one on one contact that this will give you with your target market.

If you aren’t sure how to set up an email series or what you should be writing about, you can schedule a consultation with me today. I’ll be happy to walk you through the process, set goals with you, and create a thriving email series that works as a passive income generator for your company. Let’s do this!