How often do you check your email? Where? When? Yup, email is a marketing platform that can reach your customers anywhere, anytime and make them crave your flakey croissants and succulent sweets. Read on, and we’ll tell you 5 important ways you can use email marketing to grow your small business, no matter what industry you may be in.

Learning Your Customers

Email, like other digital marketing methods, is measurable. You can use the metrics of your email platform to see what subject lines get the most opens and which links get the most clicks, telling you what your customers care about most. This will help you tailor your marketing messages in other mediums, like printed flyers, social media, your website, or even in person.

Furthermore, if those measurable links click through to your website, you can use Google Analytics or another website monitoring software to understand the paths your customers take before purchase. This will help you to design communications for your customers throughout the purchase path, and to decide how email can best supplement those efforts.

Top of Mind Awareness

One of the core concepts of marketing is “top of mind awareness”, where your customers think of your particular brand of cake first when they get that nagging sweet tooth. This awareness helps customers to desire your brand, and buy more from you. Yup, we all like that idea! You can use a regular newsletter blast or digest or even just send out reminder emails when someone abandons their cart on your site. The goal is to keep your customers thinking about you, to remind them that you are there with your made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls and chocolate cake.

A Trust-worthy Approach

Have you ever gone to a website and created a log-in or signed up for email, even if you weren’t sure you wanted to purchase from that company yet? Especially in the online space, people struggle sometimes with who they can trust. They wonder: are your pastries a high quality, or will they simply find themselves covered in the crumbs of a sub-par confection? Your emails can teach those customers to trust you if you deliver them relevant quality content. They will equate the quality of your communication with the quality of your products. Even better, if something does go wrong, they have faith that you have a reliable way to communicate and resolve all their issues.

Create Personal Experiences

Let’s face it: every customer is different. One customer is all about those brownies, another hates chocolate but thinks your cinnamon buns are divine, and yet another is unsure what to try first. Each one of these people has unique needs and interests. Email has the power to mass distribute personalized content. If you send an email about a sale on brownies to the cinnamon bun lady, she won’t find the information to be relevant or valuable. On the other hand, if you segment your emails so that only the second and third customers get emails about brownie sales, then you will see a much greater ROI.

Additionally, you can use emails to reach out to customers one on one. If you feel a customer has a high potential for profit, or you just want to nurture the relationship, an individual email can create a memorable impact. Recipients find them harder to overlook, and it builds trust to know there is an individual person on the other side of the send button.

Manage Business Relationships

Finally, email can be an organized way to easily maintain relationships with different business contacts. Rather than calling you syrup supplier on the phone, you can send an email letting them know how much you appreciate the rush order of specialty maple syrup for your bulk order of cinnamon rolls. You can request additional supplies, or you can even inform them of the broken packages you received. Email is automatic documentation of things that have gone wrong or right, so you can look back later to help assess the performance of that vendor.


Have questions about optimize your email in one of the ways we have listed here? For these questions, or for anything about marketing, just say hello.


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