Did you know that your blog could be killing your brand? Seriously. Killllliiinggg. Your. Brand.


How many of you out there are reading this and wondering if you’re making major blog-pho- pas?

Are you writing in your blog, but not getting any feedback?

Are you maintaining a regular schedule, but your number of readers aren’t rising?

Do you speak to your clients and they say, “Oh, I didn’t know you have blog.”


All of these things are indicators that your blog isn’t doing what it’s supposed to be doing for your brand (and Your company as a whole). Which is exactly why I’m writing this post. I want your blog to become a functional, thriving aspect of your marketing strategy. We can’t be wasting our energy on facets of our business that aren’t monetizing properly for us.


So, today I’m going to share with you,  

  1. My favorite secrets about creating a blog that works for your company, and
  2. How to create posts that support your brand identity and draw attention to your company.


So, what the hell? Let’s get this thing started already.


Why We Blog

Your blog is a key player in your marketing strategy and brand identity. If it wasn’t, why would you keep one? Your blog can have a fireworks effect on your website or it can be a total dud. Remember that feeling when you were little and you had a firecracker, but it didn’t light. Dud. No one wanted a dud firecracker. Not then and certainly not now, in your business.


Let’s get real, now. Here are some solid reasons you should maintain a blog on your business website.


#1. Your blog can be used as an explosive marketing magnet, drawing people to your website and attracting leads for your business.

#2. Your blog can be a means of connecting with your already existing customers or clients.

#3. Your blog can show your values as a business owner and encourage your brand identity.


But how do you use your blog to do all of these things? Let’s get to that now.


How to Market Your Blog the Right Way

There are (obviously) quite a few different things you can do to market your blog. Remember, if you’re just posting your entries and not doing anything else, you aren’t marketing your blog– you’re just writing. You need to be sharing your blog posts with the world. People are lazy. Chances are they won’t just come to your site on their own initiative. That’s why you need to use your blog posts as a flashy way to get their attention and reel them in.


Here are some ways that you can create a firecracker effect with your blog posts…


Try this with your blog.


#1: Post every single post your write on your LinkedIn account. Business professionals are constantly using LinkedIn to find new talent.


#2: Hello, Twitter? Are you there? Don’t forget to tweet every blog post that you write.


#3: Facebook isn’t dead, use that, too. A lot of people think that Facebook is dead. But it isn’t. Make sure that you are posting your entries on a personal or professional Facebook page.


#4: Create a Facebook ad. You can always use Facebook to create an ad for your blog, too. You have to pay for these, but often times, it’s worth your bucks spent.


#5: Write a compelling series. You can use your blog as a means of showing your knowledge and expertise. Create awesome blog posts with a high value and tons of information. Then you can use this information to create a webinar OR just a way to direct people to important information.


#6:  Repost your post in a community or group. LinkedIn and Facebook have a lot of groups that allow you to interact with your target market. Share compelling posts on these groups and start a conversation.


See, there are a lot of different ways that you can use your blog in your marketing strategy. But you need to make sure that you are choosing the one that is more effective for your target market. If you aren’t sure what they would be for you, you should send me an email directly and we can figure it out for you.


But before I go, I want to leave with what you don’t want to do with your blog.


Whatever you do, just don’t do this.


-Use language and phrasing that isn’t consistent with the way you actually talk to your clients or customers.

-Use language and phrasing that isn’t consistent with the way that your clients or customers speak to you.

-Use photos and signage that doesn’t match your brand identity.

-Use abrasive language that isn’t constructive.

-Write about things that aren’t relevant to your market.

-Write about topics that don’t apply to your specialty.

-Let a post sit there with reposting it somewhere else.


If you use just half of the tips I offered in this post, I swear that you will see a difference in your blog flowing. Seriously, try it. And if it isn’t working for you, then you need to send me an email and we’ll figure out what’s going on.